Organized Home Products

Creating an organized space is an on-going challenge. Personally, I enjoy organizing, and so I strive to design products that are highly functional. And by incorporating vintage and repurposed materials, utilitarian becomes much more interesting.


book hook

Vintage books provide visual interest and function.

Books are adhered closed with a keyhole drilled in the back for quick & easy hanging with a single screw. Each book is one-of-a-kind. Color, title, condition, and image vary. Hooks are black, silver, or gold. Most hooks are brand new, but sometimes vintage ones are used instead.

The selection of available books changes and is dependent upon what I find. Vintage textbooks are usually readily available - English, math, history, science, reading, foreign languages, and specific trades. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and other 1950s-1960s series are also popular. If there’s a preference for a particular topic, jacket color, or book title, please email me.

Wholesale price : 20
MSRP: 30
Minimum order: 5


jewelry organizer

Reader's Digest books gain a second life.

Although these books bring back memories for many people, they aren't often read anymore. But the patterned covers, along with vintage hardware, create a pretty background for necklaces and bracelets. Books are glued in an open position with one d-ring hanger on each side. Patterns, color, and hardware will vary by book. Three places to hang jewelry is standard. Hardware is gold, bronze, white, or silver.

Jacket color and pattern vary based on what is found. Covers are typically blue, green, yellow, red, orange, brown, and cream. Specific requests will be honored based on availability. Include this request in your order or email me to check availability.

Wholesale: 20
MSRP: 40
Minimum order: 5