Seasonal Home Products

Decorating for the seasons brings happiness - it's really that simple. So why not apply the same design philosophy to seasonal items as well as the everyday ones?


Fall Products


Chenille Pumpkin

Vintage chenille adds warmth to a fall favorite. The stuffed pumpkins are scented with pumpkin spice and are available in two sizes - small and large. Specify size preference when ordering.

Wholesale small: 10
MSRP small: 15

Wholesale large: 12
MSRP large: 18
Minimum order: 5
Available August 15 - October 15


Book Page Pumpkin

A single book is reworked to form this seasonal staple. The book is glued in shape, painted, and decorated. The leaves are made from knitted and felted wool. Pumpkins are approximately 9" tall, and are available in orange or black. Indicate color preference when ordering.

Wholesale: 25
MSRP: 40
Minimum order: 5
Available August 15 - October 15


Winter Products


Chenille Snowman

Chenille adds a soft touch to this icon of winter. The snowman stands approximately 8” tall and features vintage buttons. Every snowman is given a name tag too! The scarf fabric varies in color and theme (holiday, winter, or neutral patterned). Include scarf preference in ordering information.

Wholesale: 15
MSRP: 22
Minimum order: 5
Available November 1 - February 15


Across Seasons


Gift Card Tin

Gift cards make quick & easy gifts, but don’t always feel as substantial as a gift. Do you just stick into a card?

A repurposed mint tin becomes the perfect receptacle for a gift card! The tin is decorated for the occasion - birthday, general celebration, winter, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Decorations include patterned paper on the top, bottom, and sides of the tin as well as an embellishment either on the top or inside of the tin. When ordering indicate occasion preference.

Wholesale: 3
Minimum order: 5