I’m not creative.”

How many times have you said this about yourself?

How often have you admired a handmade item, and wished that you could make things too? But you just know you can’t because, “you’re not creative?”

How many times have you tried to do something creative like arrange items on a bookshelf or tie a fancy bow on a package, only to get frustrated, because “you’re not creative?”

How often have you seen something on Pinterest, and sighed, wanting to be able to recreate a particular look? But you won’t try because, “you’re not creative?”

It’s all bullshit.

Welcome to a creativity class for the creatively challenged!

This is not a paint-your-own-mug class. We’ll spend three weeks together, learning how to be creative. We’ll explore the basic skills of creativity and then put them into practice. This is a small, personalized class designed to help you access your creativity and learn how to use in your everyday life.

By the end of the class you’ll understand how color works, be able to use patterns effectively, and know how to arrange objects in visually-interesting ways. You’ll be able to apply these skills in all kinds of situations and in all kinds of creative endeavors. But most importantly, by the end of this class, you’ll have a new way of thinking about yourself!


Are you still rolling your eyes at the thought of being creative?!
Let’s dig deeper into your doubt.


All people are creative.

Why not you?

No, really. Why not you?

People, especially women, are biologically wired to create. Humans have the capacity to create amazing things. In our time on Earth, we’ve completely altered the way we live. Look around you - this is just a small sample of the millions of objects humans have invented. And we will continue to invent further. We’ve even figured out how to modify things made by Mother Nature! And it all starts with creativity.


Your creativity is unique.

Your creativity is as unique as you are. You are a collection of all of your experiences - your family, friends, what you’ve read, seen, and done, where you’ve been, and what you’ve felt. How you see the world is based on who you are. How you react to a situation is based on who you are. What you enjoy or don’t enjoy is based on who you are. And so how you create is no different. Comparing your creativity to someone else’s is pointless, because you are a completely different person.


Creativity is about solving problems.

It’s about solving problems in all kinds of ways. Creativity is what allows humans to invent things, to develop systems, to design rooms, and to sculpt. Each of these, to the creator, is a kind of problem that needs a solution. Did you know that the sculpture, David, is carved from a single piece of marble? Michelangelo just needed to find a way to release the form from inside the marble. It was a problem that needed a solution. Albeit a solution from a very talented and remarkable artist!


There are many ways to be creative.

Creativity is all about shifting perspective. There’s not just one way, or even a right way, to be creative. When I bake a cake, does it taste like one baked by the Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman? Hell, no! But does that mean I should never bake a cake again? Of course not! Are there multiple ways to bake a cake? Yes! Are there multiple flavors of cake? Yes! You just need to find your personal creative style, and learn to feel confident in your creativity. Even if it’s scary!


Creativity takes practice.

Creativity is a muscle you need to hone. A skill to be developed. Something that needs regular practice.

Creativity is not something unattainable, something that only other people are born with. Creativity is a human capacity. But like many things, if it’s hard, we stop doing it. We avoid it. And then the skill becomes increasingly difficult to execute. But if we practice, a whole new way of looking at the world opens up!


Want to be more confident to try new things, develop new skills, and tackle creative projects?

Class Lessons:

Week one focuses on redefining creativity and determining what it means for you. We’ll also explore the color wheel and how color works, learning to harmoniously integrate multiple colors together. Knowing how to work with and use color becomes a strong foundation for all types of making, decorating, and designing.

Week two builds on the use of color as we learn how to mix various patterns and textures together. We’ll also discuss and practice visual composition,such as arranging objects on a bookshelf. Hands-on activities will reinforce your new skills and show you how they can be utilized in your everyday life.

Week three will challenge the stories we tell ourselves about our creativity. We’ll work on shutting down the negative thoughts and embracing new ones. A practical application activity through deconstructing and reconstructing design elements will solidify your creative skills.

With this class you’ll strengthen your creative skills and be able to apply these skills in all areas of your life. In other words, you’ll be able to:

  • make creative choices with confidence

  • admit that you are a creative person

  • engage in creative activities that you’ve always wanted to do