Fabulous fall

Fall just feels good, doesn't it? This season is such a delight to our senses - cooler temperatures on our skin, colorful leaves, and the warmth of spices. Here are a few goodies to help you enjoy it all.

chenille pumpkin.2.jpg

Chenille Pumpkin

Fabric pumpkins make such  a sweet little addition to any room. Not only do these have the charm of vintage chenille, but they also smell like pumpkin spice! So yummy!

book pumpkin.1.jpg

book pumpkin

If you love books, decorate with them! A single book forms fall's favorite squash. But if you're more of a Halloween lover, the pumpkin can be made in black too.


Lap blanket

Chenille is such a cozy fabric; it adds instant warmth and memories. It's just the right size for when you need an extra layer while sitting outside or reading a book by the fire,